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One of These Things is not Like the Other

22 Apr

photo: Brandon Bloch

Yoga people.

They know how to ‘om.’  They carry their yoga mats everywhere — in case a yoga opportunity arises. They go on retreats just to yoga-fy, and their family members outside of Los Angeles probably just call them hippies. And don’t get defensive, I’m one of them too (but I’d just as soon sing bad karaoke then om, sorry guys).

Generally speaking, I think yogis are a group of people very much in tune with mind, body and planet. They know how to be calm, still and relaxed, even with a leg stuck behind their head.  Know this: I’ve seen some strange things go on during yoga classes… sweaty, tattooed instructors ending classes by playing instruments ranging from wooden horns to accordions to triangles (more cowbell, please). Breathing exercises that involve sticking your tongue out and huffing and puffing like a panting dog… I’ve been told that massaging your jaw with your knuckle may cause hallucinations — that is, if one holds stress in their jaw. I’ve even been instructed to lay on my back and write positive things on the ceiling with my toes. And as silly as I thought all of that was, there’s something I see that’s much sillier. And that’s people toting in plastic bottled water to class…sometimes when there’s even a water fountain in the yoga room.

Is it possible that a group of people who advocate for maximum health of body and planet don’t realize how bad bottled water is for the Earth’s uh…zen?

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