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What David Letterman Should Have Learned From Rachel Ray

19 Oct

Self-restraint isn’t usually the first word I would use to describe the venerable Rachel Ray. While I don’t watch Rachel, I like what she stands for and I appreciate her honesty about not being a professionally-trained, fine chef. As she puts it, she delivers “a square meal on a round plate.” A visit to Rachel’s site or a snippet of her show might give you tips for hiding veggies in your kids’ food, a recipe for an easy dinner using what’s in season or a bit about her own non-profit work, fighting to end childhood hunger and teaching kids how to cook and have healthy relationships with food. But I just can’t get past the fact that she doesn’t bake.

Public Enemy Number One? Photo: clevercupcakes via flickr

Although, this fact surely played in her favor when she made a recent visit to the David Letterman show about a week ago.

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