Street Smarts

30 Jul

It’s summertime and travel plans are on. But working in the non-profit world and writing for free doesn’t afford me much of a budget for jet-setting to overseas dining destinations. And while the recently bygone L.A. Street Food Fest Summer Tasting Event sounded like a foodie’s playground, it was pricier than Beerfest. Well, I found the next best thing. And it doesn’t involve elbowing hipsters out of the way for the last scoop of Coolhaus’s bacon ice cream.

A dinner at Susan Feniger’s STREET on Highland is an experience. If you’ve ever looked at a menu and coveted  everything on it, we’re on the same level here. STREET is all about that feeling you get when you find a new ethnic food truck parked on your block. So how would you feel if all of the parking on your block was occupied by different ethnic food trucks (and a prime spot for your car, of course). Ecstatic? Right. So basically what I’m saying here is bring friends, so that you can fully maximize your menu choices. (Read: eat their food too.)

Behold, gnocci unlike any you've ever tasted!

And since you know me, you know I’m compelled to mention the fact that STREET only serves sustainable seafood and doesn’t serve tuna or salmon at all. They work with organic farms and I even saw some organic beers and wines on the menu (but I went for the honeydew juice, cucumber and vodka and wasn’t sorry). The counters are made from recycled materials and they recycle and compost almost all of their waste. In fact, they even recycle their used cooking oil and use it as a component for the bathroom soap. And that, well, that’s just beyond cool.

I don’t care what Top Chef Masters has to say, the Kaya Toast is not to be missed, my friends.


One Response to “Street Smarts”

  1. Jill July 30, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    Fantastic food at Street. Go with friends and try as many dishes as possible. While the burger is a great option for the more timid eaters, the more exotic items on the menu are intriguing and delicious. Great blog, Jess. And yes, the Gnocci rocked!

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