I Love a Buffet

1 Jul

Last month, at a very fancy and expensive charity gala, I felt moved to belt out every word to “Cheeseburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet. What, there was a great cover band! And before you make any accusations, no, I was absolutely sober. Once I hit “…heaven on earth with an onion slice,” a look of realization come over the faces of my petrified friends.

“Ooohhhh, she’s from Florida! Oh yeeeeeah.”

"Waitress, we need two more boat drinks..."

Well, I feel the need to defend Mr. Buffet here. “Songs You Know by Heart” is a solid album. For those of you who aren’t convinced, there is an actual segue here. As we’ve been discussing sustainable seafood and what the Deepwater Horizon disaster has done to fishermen in the Gulf region, Jimmy Buffet is coming up in conversation.

After embodying a  lifestyle now in peril due to the massive spill, Buffet has some solutions. Two of Buffet’s friends sketched out plans for a boat that is able to navigate shallow marshland, thus better enabling rescuers to reach oiled wildlife. Buffet underwrote the cost of the boat and donated the first one to his alma mater, University of Southern Mississippi. Three other boats are to be built. The boats can navigate waters as shallow as 10 inches and are equipped with misters to help cool distressed on-board wildlife in the summer heat (and I hope each one is equipped with a bumper sticker shaming BP). Buffet is also hosting a free concert today in Gulf Shores, Alabama in an effort to support businesses impacted by the spill by bringing in tourist dollars. Tickets through Ticketmaster went within minutes. Unfortunately, also within minutes, you could find tickets to the free show for upwards of $100 on eBay…

Hey Jimmy, can I catch a lift to Margaritaville?

By the way, my cheeseburger in paradise still resides at the original Father’s Office, though it doesn’t matter how much you “like yours with lettuce and tomato” because there are absolutely no substitutions at Father’s Office (or reservations). But they do boast a nice selection for your “cold draft beer.”

(Runner up of course, is my mom’s turkey burger cooked on my dad’s grill in Florida.)


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