That’s so L.A.

25 Mar

I’m going to continue adding to my tab of beer-related postings…

L.A. has a beerfest and it’s a-coming up.  In typical L.A. fashion, it will be held in a movie studio and will also boast some stellar finger food doled out from your favorite roach coaches.

On April 10th, get your fill of unlimited four-ounce pours of international and domestic brewskys for three hours. Yes, it only lasts three hours each session, I share your dismay. But there are two sessions back to back, you could always do a beer-a-thon. While you’re there you’ll have the opportunity to check out a bevy of California breweries in one spot including Angel City Brewing, Skyscraper, Lagunitas, Stone and Hangar 24 among others. You’ll find more than 75 breweries represented.  It’s a lot to fit in three hours, you’ll have to multi-task.

If the beer isn’t enough to interest you, you’ll also be serenaded by two cover bands; Petty Cash, a Tom Petty/Johnny Cash cover band (you gotta admit, that’s clever) and 40oz to Freedom, a Sublime cover band (you gotta admit, that’s appropriate).

Admission sets you back forty big ones. That covers unlimited pours for three hours but not food. If you’ve got sticker shock, consider that it’s substantially less than what you’d usually pay to get trashed in a Hollywood bar with less beer variety and a subsequent trip to Canters. Tickets are not sold at the door, no matter who you know, so head here beforehand.

The stats:

April 10th from 1-4pm and/or 5-8pm

Sony Pictures Studios-10202 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City, 90232

The number for Yellow Cab: 877.733.3305


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