A Second Helping

12 Mar

The angry mob

Yesterday I wrote about the makers of The Cove catching high-end Santa Monica sushi joint, The Hump, serving endangered Sei whale meat to customers. (There is now an apology finally posted on their website.) Many of you responded and let me know that a protest was called for this morning. I joined about 100 other protesters at the Hump. Responding as only Santa Monica ocean and animal lovers can, we succeeded in keeping The Hump from opening this morning.

There was a varied crowd; Pelican Rescue Team, Sea Sheppard, PETA and Heal the Bay all made a showing. Some of the makers of The Cove were also present. I saw some great signs-everything from Sei what?! to Free Willy. One woman actually put the restaurant owner’s name and work number on a sign. Another woman brought her dog wearing a sign reading shame on you and circled the parking lot with the protesters.

One of the most interesting points made over the bullhorn today was that whale watching could easily bring in more money than “whale killing.” To that effect, below are two YouTube videos of my own whale watching trip this summer. It was definitely something I will remember forever. Plus, you can check out my mad shakey-cam skills.

The local media (and even broadcasters from Japan) covered the protest extensively. Stay tuned for what ultimately happens to the now infamous Hump.


3 Responses to “A Second Helping”

  1. Terumi March 13, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    Alas, this is what exactly I don’t want Japanese restaurants and any Japanese to do: selling the endangered whales!! I also don’t want them to sell Atlantic bluefin tuna any more! If we need to keep the Japanese food tradition, which is VERY important to us (it’s more than you think – can’t you tell from The Iron Chef? lol), I really think we have to start thinking about how to preserve our food culture. I believe a moratorium on endangered whale hunting and the future moratorium on Atlantic bluefin tuna as well as MPAs are the keys to it and we’ve got to accept it. But, I don’t want to get involved in this rally (even if Pennywise was there) or any whale hunting related ones here because these events are to support the ban on hunting/eating any whales. Well, I guess you have guessed it by now that I’m not opposed to non-endangered whale hunting. Sorry to surprise you who know me as a Heal the Bay volunteer. Whale meat is food to us, just like cows, chickens, pigs, and fish although I didn’t grow up eating them because it wasn’t available any more. Our diet as well as economy depend on what we can get from the ocean naturally and traditionally, just like Santa Monica. If Japan overfished something, it’s got to revive it, just like Santa Monica. This issue is a lot deeper and more serious than we all know… We’ll chat more on this next time : ) Thanks for posting this!


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